The following images are from roles where titles included art director, senior designer, interactive designer, etc. I've notated the image with title, organization and client. Please assume my role included the traditional definition of the title(s) and, context dependent, multiple hats below that role.

Many of the projects I have worked on are bound by very strict non-dosclosures act agreements (NDAs). I am more than happy to discuss any single project and my responsibilities to every extent possible under the NDA agreement - including processes and teams I directed or managed. The following images are a small sample of work I have done.
microsoft, windows 8.1 app - senior user experience designer.
microsoft, windows 8.1 app - senior user experience designer.
5 senses - art director.
earth economics, sell sheet - senior user experience designer
earth economics, kiosk - senior user experience designer
eco design, logo - art director
thinking cap, logo - art director
astarte biologics, brochure - art director
horton, lantz & low. client: vail - senior interactive designer.
saltmine. client: microsoft kiosk - art director
saltmine. client: microsoft. kiosk illustration & graphic bits - art director
microsoft, developer division VSX logo - senior designer
microsoft, windows 8.1 app information architecture - senior user experience designer
microsoft, developer division visual studio 2010 user interface - product designer II
microsoft, developer division, visual studio 2010 poster - product designer II
axispoint, ofJapan website, user-experience designer
axispoint, mandy and allie custom wordpress site, user-experience designer
AIGA seattle, design camp, web director (pro-bono)
tovolo, package engineering & art director
tovolo, package engineering & art director
tovolo, sell sheet. art director
tovolo, package engineering & art director
hosting boxes, package engineering & art director
artist monograph - art director/designer
global partnerships, event catalog - art director/designer
horton lantz & Low, banner ad - senior interactive designer
horton lantz & Low. client: intel, flash banner - senior interactive designer
eddie bauer, flash banner - senior designer
bbfm creative (now radar works). client: microsoft, dvd takeaway - senior interactive designer
saltmine. client: microsoft, kiosk - art director
and so much more - just ask !