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user experience designer

With 25 YEARS of international experience in print, interactive and user experience design, I've worked for the smallest start-ups, non-profits and BIG BRANDS that include Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, Vail Resort, Bed Bath & Beyond, Eddie Bauer and many more. I've lead projects for major initiatives in tech, retail packaging, branding and re-branding projects.

Trained in the fine and applied arts I have a deep understanding of grid systems as applicable to visual design. This results in a visual communication that supports natural reading patterns and interfaces that are self descriptive - creating a cohesive, holistic, experience. Content is enriched with a sense of light, texture, sound, color that reaches all 5 Senses that engage the user.
Creative Direction
Art Direction (screen and print)
Product Design and User Experience for Desktop Applications
Product Design and User Experience for Browser-Based Applications
Human Centered Design
User Experience
Did I say "User Experience" - let me emphasize this!
Mobile experiences (iOS, Android, Windows)
User Experience and Visual Design Guidline Authoring/Documentation
Retail Packaging
Catalogue and Book Design
Creative Director

2016 - Present
Design Strategy.
Ideation/proposals for site design (desktop/mobile) aligned with business goals.
Direct and motivate team members to help them use their talents effectively while providing feedback to the team.
Lead brainstorming/creative sessions to generate ideas.
Lead and review User Experience.
Provide detailed documentation for Functional Guidelines, Business Rules and Visual & Interaction Guidelines.

User Experience & Design consultant for medium and small businesses, often working in constrained and restrictive CMS systems and e-commerce SaaS platforms, to execute the best possible UX/Visual Design experience possible.

Seasonal marketing strategies: e-mail, print advertisements, copywriting, etc. Advising clients per 3rd party services (e-commerce SaaS platforms, etc.), migration assitance as needed, custom Wordpress templates as well as customizing front-ends systems for platforms such as Big Commerce & Pulse (formerly GeoCart).
::Documentray Photographer::

I have traveled the world, documening that which should not be forgotten: the Nazi Holocaust in countries such as Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Germany & Poland - as well as the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and more. Through the Wikepedia Commons I make these images available with no royalties for historical, research and other not for profit sites and publications.

Between 2003 & 2014 I worked in numerous contract roles at Microsoft. These range from Art Directure for Azure to Senior User Experience Designer. The following is a summary of several roles:

senior ux designer - microsoft press

UX and interaction design for Microsoft Learning's digital/mobile product line: UX, interaction design and specification authoring for Windows 8.1 Store apps, and MS certification exams and services; owning the UX and visual design or several projects, including specification/guideline authoring.

visual designer 2- EXP user experience group

Concept designs, high fidelity prototypes of new application interfaces - including Excel Add-ins - for user studies & Functional-Spec authoring.

graphic designer 2 - EXP user experience group

UX design, interaction specifications and HTML/CSS prototypes for internal facing resources codifying UX research for core products such as Visual Studio, SQL Server & the Technical Computing Platform.

This visual design of this internal resource incorporated early explorations of the Metro style grid structure, typography and color theory.

art director - azure

Storyboards, mood boards, wireframes, proof of concept designs & interaction specifications for an application framework supporting Microsoft's cloud computing services. End-user research & persona development, wire frames, style guide & specifications authoring. UI/UX fit & finish per milestone.

product designer 3 - developer division

As part of a small team of UX & product designers, UI and interaction design for Visual Studio 2010 shell UI, including mood boards, color theme explorations and integrating UX researcher's recommendations in UX conceptualizations, XAML/WPF resource dictionary creation, working with the limitations of a with a new UI on top of a mixed & legacy codebase. Redlines & co-authoring visual specifications.

ux designer - finance solution delivery group

UX & UI design for browser based Microsoft financial tools. Including redesigns & new functionality for existing financial portals, new portals and sub-sites within these portals. Prototyping innovative interaction models with limiting and constraining technologies such as SharePoint, Infopath & others. Two of the portals, where my role was the primary UX designer, will be developed further for commercial release.

ui designer - windows live, hotmail and microsoft global business intelligence group

Prototyping Windows Live Hotmail sign-up flow. UX/UI design for GBI internal browser-based tools.

graphic designer 2 - visual studio extensibility, developer division

Identity design for Visual Studio Extensibility. Logo design for Visual Studio Shell, application icon design for Visual Studio Shell. PowerPoint templates for Visual Studio Extensibility for internal and external presentations, UX design for Visual Studio SDK.

::earth economics::

senior user experience designer

Designing elegant user experiences for Earth Economics browser-based application suite, the Ecosystem Valuation Toolkit. Human centered and responsive design, information architecture, interaction design, design ethnography, scenario based & context driven design.

Storyboards, mood boards, wireframes, conceptual IA documentation, and functional prototypes illustrating task flows and presentation layer interactions. Authoring visual and interaction guidelines and functional specifications. UI/UX fit and finish per milestone.

Print design for small books, sell sheets & other promotional/educational literature.

::alere wellbeing::

senior product designer, user experience

Gathering and interpreting insights from users to inform design decisions, proof of concept designs, & interactive prototypes for desktop applications in XAML/WPF. Wireframes, user scenarios, user-flows, and functional prototypes illustrating task flows and presentation layer architecture. Concept design and prototyping for mobile apps.

Authoring functional & visual specifications, agile ux and rapid iteration.

UI/UX fit and finish per milestone. Evangelizing guidelines, standards and best practices in desktop and web application design.


senior interactive designer

Web Based Training Team: establishing user interface guidelines of Starbucks online training and tools, e-learning courseware using the ADDIE model of Instructional Design, for intranet and/or DVD. Proprietary intranet based work assistants.


cs lead

Supervision, mentoring and quality assurance of teams with up to 19 members: including full-time and seasonal staff in Amazon’s customer service department. Design and development for the Amazon customer service Intranet: web-based training using the ADDIE model of Instructional Design, browser based work assistants, Intelligence Agents prototyping including interface design and knowledge systems integration.
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